Sublime Lighting
Sublime Lighting


Sublime Lighting LLC provides programming of GrandMA2 Lighting controllers, MA Lighting VPU media servers, High End Axon media servers, and programming of many other lighting control systems.

Lighting Design

We use WYSIWYG lighting design software to create lighting concepts, drawings, and associated data spreadsheets for your specific event or installation.

View a PDF of a Sample Plot.

Sublime Sample Plot


We can discuss and examine options for your specific lighting needs. Whether it's performance based, economically based, environmentally based, or anywhere in between, we can help you determine what makes the most sense for you.

Video Content Conversion

We can take your custom video content and convert it to MPEG-2 format to be properly played on VPU and Axon media servers.

If encoding video content yourself for use in our servers, please contact us for specific codec encoding requirements.